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Goodbye: A Eulogy

Goodbye: A Eulogy

When she was little, she longed to escape

to a place faraway, somewhere in space.

She read and wrote stories of adventure,

of spaceships, galaxies, and distant treasures.

She was so innocent—full of life and spirit,

oblivious to the impending disappointment.

Peg by peg, reality knocked her down,

revealing the world’s deceit all around.

Friends who she trusted, on whom she leaned,

proved to be false and not as they once seemed.

She learned the hard way,

that in this life, good things rarely stay.

But through it all, she only grew wiser,

realizing her desperate need for a Savior—

one who could supply her with power,

to endure through life’s difficult hours.

And now it’s time to say goodbye,

to the girl she once was, who tried and tried

to please everyone, to make people stay.

She’s over and done, finally gone away.

The chapter is finished; the page is turned.

The teacher has taught; the lesson was learned.

The past will stay put where it belongs—

the past, fading into the abyss of memory.

Ariel Lee

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